Torvald the Dragonsmith

This character was created for my graduate thesis project. Torvald is a Dragonsmith, a special kind of blacksmith that can forge rare metals using Dragonfire. His hammer is named Dragonfall.

Dragonsmiths are made when a human is given a gift of blood from a dragon. A man named Magnus Brann is believed to have been the first Dragonsmith. He was so affected by the dragon's blood that his entire body became covered in scales, and his features changed to the point that he seemed half dragon. Because of this, he was nearly as resilient to Dragonfire as a true dragon and created the legendary smith's hammer, Dragonfall. Many years later, a sickly child named Torvald met with a dragon and was gifted with its blood, and was given Dragonfall on completing his training.

Torvald the Dragonsmith

Cordelia wolf 1843176 orig

Concept art

Cordelia wolf 8312091 orig

Character sheet

Cordelia wolf 1759332 orig

Textured posed

Cordelia wolf 6115945 orig

UDK in-engine head render

Cordelia wolf 143192 orig

UDK in-engine full render

Cordelia wolf 5878764 orig

Front view sculpt

Cordelia wolf 9111519 orig

Head sculpt

Cordelia wolf 5578939 orig

Face sculpt

Cordelia wolf 4170904 orig

Side view sculpt

Cordelia wolf 5351066 orig

Rear view sculpt

Cordelia wolf 9418438 orig

Wire-frame unposed

Cordelia wolf 2182463 orig

Wire-frame posed

Cordelia wolf 7284180 orig

Texture maps and UV layout

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UDK in-engine render

Cordelia wolf 4879792 orig

Top view sculpt and paint

Cordelia wolf 2129678 orig

Side view sculpt and paint

Cordelia wolf 7396448 orig

Close up sculpt and paint

Cordelia wolf 9166917 orig


Cordelia wolf 7135541 orig

Texture maps and UV layout